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Join Sadie on the following events in and around The Cotswolds....

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2024 Events

Gua Sha Stone Workshop and Guided Meditation 18th May 2024 - 1.5 Hours at The Guild Hall, Chipping Norton £25.00 per person

Step into a realm of profound relaxation and rejuvenation with our enchanting Gua Sha Stone Workshop and Guided Meditation.

The perfect setting to embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic healing. Under the gentle guidance of myself, you'll explore the ancient art of Gua Sha, a time-honoured technique renowned for its ability to release tension, promote circulation, and restore balance to mind, body, and spirit.


Feel the smooth, cool surface of the healing stones as they glide effortlessly across your skin, melting away stress and revitalizing your energy flow. Paired with a soul-nourishing guided meditation, this workshop offers a sanctuary for your soul, allowing you to immerse yourself in a state of deep inner peace and harmony.

Leave feeling renewed, refreshed, and deeply connected to your innermost essence, ready to embrace the world with a radiant glow and newfound vitality.


To book the Gua Sha and Meditation Workshop click HERE

Vision Board Workshop – 15th June 2024 - 2 Hours at The Guild Hall,

Chipping Norton - £35.00 per person

Join me on a Vision Board Workshop, where creativity meets intentionality to manifest your dreams into reality or simply to reconnect to your authentic self!

Picture yourself immersed in a fun and contemplative atmosphere, surrounded by like-minded individuals eager to unleash their inner potential.

You'll delve into the art of visualization. From envisioning your dream career to cultivating meaningful relationships, every aspect of your life finds expression on your bespoke vision board, serving as a powerful visual reminder of your aspirations.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that will propel you towards your goals with unwavering clarity and determination!

To book the Vision Board Workshop click HERE

Cacao and Mana Movement Workshop – 20th July 1.5 hours at The Guild Hall, Chipping Norton - £30.00 per person

Indulge your senses and elevate your spirit with our enchanting Cacao Ceremony infused with the transformative power of the Mana Movement workshop. As you sip on rich, ceremonial-grade cacao, feel its heart-opening properties gently awaken your senses, inviting you to connect with yourself and the collective energy around you. Guided by myself, immerse yourself in a fusion of movement, breathwork, and mindfulness techniques designed to unlock your inner potential and unleash your authentic self. Through rhythmic movement and soulful meditation, you'll tap into the limitless wellspring of energy within, reclaiming your power and embodying your highest self.

Whether you're seeking clarity, healing, or simply a deeper connection to your innate wisdom, this transformative experience promises to leave you feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and aligned with the radiant flow of life's abundance.

To book the Cacao and Mana Movement Workshop Click HERE


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